How to pay

How to Pay

PLEASE READ: Please do not send the dormitory fees together with the language schools fees. The dormitory and the language school are two separate offices which require two separate payments. Please contact the dormitory for their payment instructions. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Please use one of the following options to pay for tuition and/or dormitory fees.

Option 1 Paying in Person

  1. Get an invoice from the LEC
  2. Go to the finance office to pay (Google Map)
  3. Keep the receipt for your reference

Option 2 Paying by bank transfer

Please send your payment by bank transfer to the bank account below.

Keep in mind bank wire charges, both on the sending and receiving ends may vary as do the currency exchange rates, so the amount sent may not precisely match the amount received.

  1. Transfer your payment.
  2. Scan a receipt of wire transfer and send to email:
  3. Once the LEC Office receives the confirmation of wire transfer, LEC will then check with the Head of the Finance Office at to determine the actual amount transferred.
Bank Transfer Information
Bank Name Bank Account Name Bank Account Number SWIFT Code Bank Address Bank Phone Number
Bangkok Bank,
Sanpakoi Branch
Payap University 253-066469-3 BKKBTHBK 187-195 Charoen Muang Rd.
T. Wat Ket Muang District
Chiang Mai 50000 THAILAND
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